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At Orange 4×4 Ltd we are able to take on bigger projects beyond the scope of normal servicing and repair operations.

Axle upgrades – Ashcroft Transmissions Rear Locker Instalation

Suspension Upgrades – Terrafirma +5 inch Twist Kit

Winch and Winch Bumper Instalations

Range Rover Sport Body Removal

There are a number of jobs on the Range Rover Sport that it is essential to remove the body for. They are designed to do this. While the body is removed it makes sense to do a number of other proventative maintainance tasks

Chassis Swaps  –  Defender 90 Disassembly

Solar Panel under a roof rack – Toyota Hilux Pickup

Slide out solar panel installed in the bottom of the roof rack to slide in and out as required

Twin wheel carrier

Offroad Trailer Build

Offroad trailer build based on a British Army Sankey Trailer – This was a basic build keeping the original trailer tub. More dedicated builds can be made by only using  the chassis that makes a fantastic base for an offroad overland trailer.

Classsic Restorations

We love our classics and own a Series II 109 Petrol. From chassis swaps to sympathetic rebuilds, no job to big or small…

Wiring and Electical Instalations

Tidying up the mess left by others….

Roll Cages  

Safety Devices Roll Cage installed ona Defender 110 Station Wagon

Safety Devices Roll Cage installed ona Defender 110 Station Wagon

Defender 90 Roll Cage