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Overland Preparation

Specialist 4×4 Overland preparation by people who do it

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Going on a long trip?

Planning on going on a long trip – taking you and your vehicle far from home?

At Orange 4×4 Ltd we offer a specialist 4×4 Overland Preparation Service to help you find the right information and knowledge for you trip and to ensure you and your chosen vehicle are in tip-top condition before you leave and that that it stays that way for your entire trip.

Special Overland Vehicle Preparation Service

Vehicle based overland travel is a very niche and specialist way to travel requiring a strong will for adventure and the discovery of the new and the unknown. There is nothing as satisfying as crossing a continent and knowing its your determination and skill that has made it happen.

However no  one wants their grand tour to turn into a series of garage visits and frustrating brake downs, being stuck with the view of a backstreet mechanics workshop…

Shit happens, and sometimes from adversity come the best memories but proper preparation can help you avoid many of the pitfalls of overland vehicle travel and help keep you on the road day after day to enjoyed the beauty and vast splendour of our planet though your very own widescreen windscreen!!!

Vehicle Builds

Set-up, suspension, tyres, interior, off grid power etc, etc

Bush Mechanic Tips

Bush mechanic tips.

Service and Maintenance

Learn how to service and maintain you home far from home.

Self Preparation

Work with us to prepare your own vehicle.


Overland Inspection routines

Preparation and Spares

Preparation and spares advice