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Being “prepared to go further” starts with a good service

4x4 Vehicle Servicing

Regular servicing is the best way to look after your vehicle and maintain reliability, ensuring faults are identified early before they become serious issues. We offer a range of service packages to meet the varying needs of everyone’s 4×4, whether for commercial, business, personal or recreational use…

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Interim Service

We recommend having an Interim Service every 6,000 miles or 6 months (whichever is sooner) to keep your 4×4 safe and roadworthy between full services.

Our Interim Service package is ideal for vehicles for regular, short journeys in and around town or for those drivers who have a high mileage and want peace of mind between annual services. They are especially important for  hardworking vehicles used offroad or for towing .

An Interim service at Orange 4×4 includes checks on essentials such as lights, instruments and fluid levels, plus a full tyre & suspension inspection. A visual brake inspection is also included.

Full Service

Our Full Service is ideal as an annual maintenance programme for your car. We recommend your car receives a full service every  12,000 miles or 12 months – whichever is sooner

A Full Service, also known as a Major Service, each year will reduce the risk of breakdown and can help maintain the reliability of the 4×4.

Our Full Service includes all items included in the Interim Service package plus a thorough inspection of your engine and a full brake inspection. A major car service also includes an air filter and extensive checks of items under the bonnet including brake, fuel and radiator pipes and hoses, power steering fluid and auxiliary drive belt adjustments (if required).

Manufacturers Service

Manufacturer Servicing

If you are keen to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s service schedule to keep your car in the best possible condition while maintaining its resale value, our manufacturer service package is the ideal solution*.

In 2002, the European Parliament took a view that the practice of manufacturers forcing car owners to go to dealerships to get a service to uphold their warranty was too restrictive. The law known as ‘Block Exemption’ means all manufacturers must make available the service schedules and onboard computer information to all garages.

This means we can offer a genuine equivalent to dealership servicing while passing the savings onto our customers. But best of all, our stamp in your service book will uphold your warranty.

Why consider manufacturer servicing

  • You are keen to follow manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle.
  • Manufacturer servicing is specific to your car’s age, make, model, and mileage.
  • We use competitively sourced parts of ‘Original Equipment’ standard.
  • A genuine and cost-effective alternative to dealership servicing.
  • Your vehicle warranty will be maintained with a Kwik Fit stamp in your logbook.

What is different about manufacturer servicing?

Manufacturer servicing pricing

We need to give you a quote that is specific to your car as the manufacturer service schedule will vary depending on your car’s age, model and mileage. Our quote will show the manufacturer’s ‘recommended’ time to complete the service plus includes parts, oil, disposal charges and VAT.

Our service comes with a 12 month or 12,000-mile guarantee and if you have a warranty, it continues to uphold it. We can be much cheaper than a dealership because our parts and labour are as effective but more competitively sourced.

Contact us quotation today.

Service and MOT

The benefits of combining your MOT and Service

If your annual MOT test is due and your service schedule indicates that your service interval has been reached and your vehicle needs maintenance, then why not combine the two?

  • Less hassle – Avoid taking your vehicle to both an MOT station and a service centre to have these essential services completed – over 500 Kwik Fit centres employ fully trained service technicians and accredited MOT testers, who are equipped to carry out both MOTs and Servicing under one roof so you can get all your essential vehicle maintenance done in one place.
  • Save time – if your MOT and service are due around the same time, we can complete both in a single appointment. Book online and select an MOT and Service date that suits your busy lifestyle. Need a service but your MOT is not yet due? Remember, you can book your MOT test up to 1 month before the due date without losing the existing expiry date.
  • Save money – book your MOT and Service online together and receive a discount on your booking.

Engine Oil and Filter Change

What does an Engine Oil and Filter Change include?

A full oil change includes the following steps, to help maintain performance levels and protect the engine oil from contaminants that can build up over time:

  • Engine oil drained
  • Replacement sump plug washer
  • Oil refill based on manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Replacement oil filter

Please note: Because Engine Oil and Filter Change does not include a full range of vehicle checks, we are unable to stamp your log book or reset your service light on your dashboard when you receive this service.

What’s Included In Your Service

Find out what is covered in each service type.

Please note: Based on a manual transmission vehicle.  Replacement spark plugs are not included in our service packages. Our technicians can advise on the recommended replacement interval of your spark plugs.